K.E.Y.S. Empowers

Paving the way
for our Youth.

KEYS Empowers supports the needs that we identify throughout the community, especially those of young people.

Our Vision & Mission

KEYS Empowers, Inc. motivates, educates and transforms opportunity populations through the use of non-traditional, unconventional, and non-linguistic methods of self-discovery. We place heavy emphasis and concentration on identifying social-structural forces that impact community health, state and local legislation, and activate community members as public health leaders.

No individual is immune to trauma, especially those who grow up in our neglected communities. To help our youth cope with challenges and tap into their potential, our dedicated mentors at KEYS Empowers provide the structure and support they need to feel inspired, excited, and empowered to be successful.


Challenges the status quo by working with populations who have been deemed as “marginalized.”


designed to develop an understanding of self.

Non-traditional Programming

designed to develop an understanding of self.


Expose individuals, families, and communities to experiences that offer hope and empowerment.

R.I.D.E. Project (Readying Individuals for Diverse Experiences)

  • 98% of youth (125) who were grade 12th grade graduating seniors applied to a vocational or higher education institute.
  • 75% of those students were accepted and are currently attending college for the Fall 2019 Semester.
  • The remaining 25% secured gainful employment.

KEYS Success
Academy After-School

  • 450 youth enroll in enrichment between 6 community locations
  • 80% of those who participated attended 95% of all scheduled sessions
  • 35% of participants increased daily school attendance
  • 15% of those reduced challenging behaviors in school

COVID-19 Community Support

  • Provided over 5,000 PPE kits to Baltimore City and County community members
  • Provided 100,000 pounds of food to vulnerable families
  • Provided $35,000.00 in rental assistance


  • Employed 70 youth for summer employment for Summer 2020
  • 98% attendance rate with virtual sessions for 6 weeks
  • Employed 35 youth for summer employment for Summer 2019
  • Employed 25 youth for summer employment for Summer 2018

Ajah Doswell
LGSW Clinical Program Strategist
Ajah Doswell is a licensed social worker and mental health specialist that has dedicated her life to the development of others. For the past 10 years, she has provided both direct and indirect services to individuals and families in the areas of foster care, community support, behavioral health policy and procedures as well as case management support. Ajah understands the importance of human connection and strives every day to ensure that families throughout the state of Maryland have a human experience that is meaningful and fulfilling through empowerment and achievement.


” Grateful for KEYS for saving my children’s lives, and still haven’t left their sides.”