Mujahid Muhammad


Mujahid Muhammad throughout his career has exemplified the much needed balance of activism and clinical professionalism. He is a passionate community advocate dedicated to the holistic well-being of youth and families. Growing up as the oldest of 10 siblings in Newark, New Jersey he was challenged with protecting, teaching and leading others at a early age. While studying psychology as a undergraduate student at Morgan State University he gained a transformative knowledge of self and purpose. Under the mentorship of two elder professors Mr. Muhammad was able to accept the importance using his experiences making it through a educational and social system that did not encourage success to advocate for change. He soon became the leader of several school and community organizations focused on the social development of the disenfranchised and victimized. Upon graduating he founded K.E.Y.S Development, at the time a mentoring agency charged with providing evening therapeutic services for youth housed in group homes within Baltimore City.Mujahid Muhammad acquired his graduate degree in clinical social work from the University of Maryland. He served as a clinician in the Baltimore City school system, the University of Maryland, and several other prominent organizations. His leadership afforded him the opportunity to implement the first Columbia University CASA Blueprint program in the state of Maryland. He became a certified trainer through Cornell University. Previously presided as the president of a company servicing the developmentally disabled. He also served as a crisis management and foster parent trainer for Catholic Charities for over ten years. This professional clinical experience prepared him to return to his passion and purpose. Through his organization K.E.Y.S Development, a certified mental health agency, Mr. Muhammad is able to service communities which would otherwise reject clinical support. His focus is to work with disenfranchised children and their families in a way in which mentors, counselors, therapists, and social workers all first become advocates in a community in which they will serve. Allowing themselves to become infused in the community prior servicing children and families in those communities. This model has led him to work alongside several Baltimore City councilmen/councilwomen and provide his professional expertise on several WOLB radio shows. Mujahid Muhammad remains at heart a activist and can often be found in the projects of Baltimore having lively discussions around social change with parents and playing ball with kids in the neighborhood.

Abdul Salaam

Chief Operating Officer

Abdul Salaam is a New Jersey native, enriched with a vast urban experience. Mr. Salaam dared to leave New Jersey in pursuit of helping people, which afforded him degrees from Morgan State University, in the studies of psychology and entrepreneurship. Mr. Salaam has acquired over 15 years of experience in Mental Health. Through this experience he has practiced various facets of mental health in such titles as; Executive, Director, Rehabilitation Therapist, Milieu Supervisor, Career Transitional Counselor, Career Development Counselor, Residential Support Specialist, Family Counselor. Mr. Salaam has received training and trained individuals, in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, through Cornell University. Mr. Salaam at heart is a grassroots advocate for youth and the under-represented. Mr. Salaam is very instrumental in social justice and community building in Baltimore and the state of Maryland. Mr. Salaam himself was victorious in a historic case of injustice in Baltimore City and recent legislation passed during the 2015 general assembly. He has helped build many community development focused coalitions that have lobbied and fought for legislation and policy change, for youth and minority advancement throughout the state of Maryland. Mr. Salaam has acquired the unique ability of motivating youth, families, and communities to work toward focused collective goals. He attributes his experience with the US Department of Labor as a significant contributor to building this unique skill. Mr. Salaam was charged with working with the business community to create jobs for individuals who otherwise be turned away. Here he found that the best way to engage a employer was create a focused motivation connected to the community in which their business were located. Mr. Salaam often says "Jobs save Lives". Abdul Salaam is a partner and founder of K.E.Y.S Development Therapeutic Alliance, a mental health agency that specializes in youth urban development. Along with partners and staff, K.E.Y.S emphasizes the wrap around therapeutic approach incorporating family, community, and therapy into reaching human development and self-actualization. Due to Mr. Salaam's commitment as a grassroots advocate, K.E.Y.S youth are incorporated into political-social conversations and settings. Mr. Salaam has worked along with and built constitutes with the like of; Cathy Hughes (Radio One), Larry Young and the Larry Young Morning Show, Baltimore City Counsel and (Jack Young, Nick Young, Sharon Green-Middleton), Marilyn Mosby and the Baltimore City States Attorney Office, Mayoral Democrat Elect Catherine Pugh's administration. Mr. Salaam loves what he does, where he does it, and who he does it with.

Keith Roles

Director of Care

Bachelors of Social Work- Coppin State University Mr. Keith Roles is a dedicated professional who has a passion for helping others. Mr. Roles is native of Baltimore City, where he attended Baltimore City Public Schools throughout his educational tenure. As a young man while attending the prestigious Baltimore City College, Mr. Roles recognized a desire to give back to his community and through helping those in need. Mr. Roles eventually earned his Bachelors of Social Work from Coppin State University and has since dedicated over 20 years of service in the human services and mental how to begin a narrative essay health field. Mr. Roles has had the opportunity to develop healthy individuals, families, and communities though establishing Residential Treatment Facilities, Group homes, Foster Care Agencies and Mentoring programs all within the city in which he was raised. Mr. Roles is also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc, in which he participates in many community initiatives serving Baltimore City and its surrounding area. Presently, Mr. Roles is a partner and co-founder of K.E.Y.S Development Therapeutic Alliance,a mental health agency that specializes in urban youth development. Mr. Roles is committed to serving as a dedicated mentor, advocate and community liaison for the youth, families and staff of K.E.Y.S Development. Mr. Roles’ energy and relatability to consumers and their families has natured his ability to strengthen and empower others to build skills necessary to achieve personal goals. Mr. Roles has established working relationships and collaborated with numerous community leaders in his mission of increasing awareness, removing barriers while promoting the need for community based mental health services. Aside from Mr. Roles’ strong commitment to strengthening families and communities, his greatest joy comes from being a devoted father to his son and daughter.