Employment: Our Transitional Advocacy Program (TAP) was created to help young people develop the skills necessary to compete; Skills developed & emphasized: employment, independent living, use of community resources. Program targets older youth and was implemented in conjunction with Ready by 21 of Baltimore City Department of Social Services; 75% of youth referred received employment as a result of program participation; 60% of youth referred with significant education lapses are enrolled in some educational or trade related training program in efforts to ensure long term employment.

Schools: Community Advocacy Model; Mentoring; Mental Health services; Child/Parent (community) Trauma focused groups; Student/Teacher Mediation; Participate with SST (School Support Team) and CST (Community Safety Team); (positively impacted school climate through suspension reduction); Life skill groups; Increasing attendance of students identified as regularly truant by 15%; Increasing parental involvement; Bringing resources to school (Volunteers, Food pantries, Basketball programs, Political partnerships, Back to School resources/events).