Meet Our Team

Ajah Doswell, LMSW

CFO & Clinical Program Strategist

Ajah Doswell, LMSW, is a highly experienced senior-level Licensed Master Social Worker with a profound 12-year career dedicated to client-centered counseling, biopsychosocial assessments, trauma-informed care, and LGBTQ affirmative models.

In her current role as CFO & Clinical Program Strategist at KEYS Empowers, Inc. since July 2017, she strategically identifies and executes multi-day hybrid programs with a global perspective, ensuring sustainability and measurable outcomes through detailed project plans and budgets.


Serving as Clinical Program Supervisor at KEYS Development, TA LLC. from June 2016 to October 2022, Ajah provided professional direction for behavioral health programs, addressing the needs of youth, adults, and families. She’s demonstrated expertise as an Organizational Strategist by providing ongoing consultation for behavioral health agencies and external data collection and analysis.

With a Master’s in Social Work from Morgan State University and a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Coppin State University, Ajah combines extensive academic knowledge with hands-on experience to drive accessibility and equity through culturally relevant programming and services in the field of social work.

Melanie Payne, MSW


Melanie Payne is a dynamic professional with a diverse background, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree from Full Sail University (August 2019) and an Associate in Applied Science Degree from the Community College of Baltimore County (June 2006).

With a commitment to community development and youth empowerment, Melanie has been serving as a Program Facilitator/Assistant Director at The R.I.C.H Program in Baltimore, MD, since January 2018. In this role, she develops and executes lessons focusing on soft skills, mentors program youth, and contributes to community engagement activities.


Melanie is also engaged with AZIZA PE&CE, serving as a Program Facilitator/Director of Music, where she imparts music and soft skills to program participants, leads workshops, and provides mentorship. Melanie’s professional journey includes roles such as QC Analyst at Connections Education and Prometric, Inc., where she demonstrated expertise in software testing and quality control.

With her versatile skill set and dedication to both music and community development, Melanie brings a unique blend of talents to her various roles, showcasing her passion for making a positive impact in both the arts and social development sectors.

Chelsea Jeter, LCPC, NCC

Clinical supervisor

Chelsea is a seasoned mental health professional, currently serving as Clinical Supervisor at KEYS Empowers, Inc. where she leads a proficient clinical service delivery team, overseeing psychosocial assessments, psychotherapy, family interventions, and treatment planning.

Recognized for enhancing consumer outcomes, Chelsea actively implements clinical initiatives and contributes to policy reviews. In August 2022, she served as a Clinical Assessor at Recovery Centers of America, conducting assessments for substance abuse and mental health programs, demonstrating proficiency in understanding and educating clients and staff on RCA’s continuum of care.


With a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and licenses as a Licensed Professional Graduate Counselor (LCPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC), Chelsea brings a wealth of expertise in evidence-based therapeutic modalities.

Throughout her career, Chelsea has effectively collaborated with professionals, facilitated group interventions, and conducted substance abuse evaluations, showcasing a commitment to the highest standards of mental health care. Passionate about improving consumer outcomes, Chelsea is poised to make significant contributions to the mental health field.

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