What We DO


When developing a healthy model for K.E.YS. to execute on its mission effectively, the executive staff believed it was best to take an alternate route to mental health intervention and advocacy. Rather than having our families suffer through the transportation problems that only make the effort to interface with practitioners more difficult K.E.Y.S. builds stakeholder relationships with our B.U.I.L.D. program. Building relationships with community members and stakeholders Understanding strengths native to the target population’s location Identifying unique methods of introducing chiefessays.net services to community members Leading from behind by empowering through services Developing community self-sufficiency We understand that before any entity plants their feet in a community in order to help or provide a service that there are healthy functioning mechanism already at play due to the strengths of community members. K.E.Y.S. sees itself as an enhancer to these qualities. Every intervention is employed after the “B.U.I.L.D.ing” process.

Community Based Practitioners

We believe that there are no better people to deliver services to communities than present and past members which is why we have taken the steps necessary to always employ a staff 80% comprised of practitioners who fit that criteria. It is important romeo and juliet characters that even the very youth we serve aspire and work to become professionally involved. Through career mentorship consumers who are entering college are given opportunities to work with K.E.Y.S. as interns and eventually practitioners.